'Walking Dead' Promises Bloody Battles and Shocking Reversals in Season 8 Finale Preview

[This story contains full spoilers through the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead.]

There's one more battle left in "All Out War."

The final episode of The Walking Dead season eight launches next week, and the preview for the episode, called "Wrath," shines a light on the various different plot threads that remain unresolved. Fates are teased, war is promised and there's no such thing as going back — at least, that's the case according to one character who is destined to eat those words.

Among the highlights featured in the preview:

Dwight Becomes Daryl

At least in the sense that he's wearing the crossbow-wielding badass' signature Savior look. In the early going of season seven, Daryl (Norman Reedus) was trapped inside the Sanctuary, and trapped wearing a baggy sweatshirt marked with the letter "A." In the preview for the finale, Dwight is now wearing the same attire, a clear mark of his treachery against the Saviors. Dwight taking on Daryl's likeness gives way to a personal theory of mine: that Daryl will in turn take on Dwight's comic book storyline, with Austin Amelio's character losing his life prematurely by the end of season eight.

Morgan's Curtain Call

One of the earliest and most enduring Walking Dead characters in the show's history, Morgan has been through and seen it all: dead loved ones and loathed ones alike, the latter category often falling due to his own direct actions. "We are worse than we were and we can't go back, so let's just finish this," he tells Rick (Andrew Lincoln) at the top of the preview — dark words indeed, and words he's almost certainly going to walk back by the time he leaves Walking Dead proper. However it shakes out, "Wrath" marks Morgan's final (for now) episode of the flagship series, as he launches directly into Fear the Walking Dead following the finale. Technically, it's possible Morgan will bring his murderous baggage to his next adventure… but it's highly inadvisable from a storytelling standpoint. 

The Bullet Tester

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) meets up with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) following the ex-Alexandrian's gross rejection of his old friends in this week's past episode, and the results: bullets aplenty. AMC has posted an extended look at Negan and Eugene's scene together, in which Negan tests out Eugene's new weapons on an analogue for a familiar face. Watch below:

Man of Science, Man of Faith

A few episodes back, the spotlight was shined firmly on Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and the late doctor Harlan Carson (R. Keith Harris), killed during a lack-of-vision quest that left Gabriel's own faith in disarray. The preview for the finale teases another meeting of the religious and scientific minds: Gabriel and Eugene. Eugene sticks a gun in Gabriel's face, shaking with nervous energy. The stark image serves as a reminder of just how far the mullet-wearing coward has fallen… unless he hasn't fallen at all and he still has some tricks up his sleeve against Negan. That's a fourth-dimensional chess-level move, whatever it is, but if anyone can pull it off? Eugene's the man.

The Last Stand

Who's going to live? Who's going to die? The answers to those questions will reveal themselves in the final battle of the season, which we see teased in full toward the end of the preview. As the penultimate episode of the season made plainly clear, the Alexandrians and Saviors will have one last showdown in an open field, as orchestrated by Negan. Based on the setting and his attire, this will be the same place where Rick Grimes takes a bullet to the side and bleeds out beside a tree. Will he make it through the injury, or are we about to say goodbye to yet another Grimes this season? Only a few more days left until we know for sure.

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