'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale: What the Viewers Are Saying

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Finale 207 - H 2011

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Finale 207 - H 2011

AMC's hit zombie show, The Walking Dead, which is in its sophomore year, ended its mid-season run Sunday night with the episode titled "Pretty Much Dead Already."

Viewers quickly hit their Twitter and Facebook accounts to discuss the show, which saw Shane (Jon Bernthal) put his group's farm in danger (after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) killed Sophia (Madison Lintz) who then joined the undead inhabitants of Hershel's (Scott Wilson) barn.

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Toy Story 3 and WALL-E writer, Andrew Stanton tweeted, "Whoa. Outstanding moral twist at the end of Walking Dead finalé #goodstorieswelltold."

WWE star Chris Jericho said, "Walking Dead and Dexter were amazing tonight! What a swerve in both episodes. Throw in Breaking Bad and you've got the 3 best shows on tv."

Professional poker player Annie Duke lamented the show's break, saying, "No more Walking Dead till February? This will be a long and empty two months.

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"Monday. We all know what this means.. bit of Dexter and Walking Dead in my mouth!!! Walking Dead is getting kinda boring, but Dexter is gold," David Spearing said. 

Jordan Eckes wrote, "The Walking Dead has essentially become a soap opera on a farm..."

Cary Brothers also complained, "hey, walking dead. so now you're a morality play? um, can we get back to the part where you were scary? and exciting? getting snoozy."

"More Walking Dead Questions: Remember when the Zombies were the bad guys?," said Sam Simon after snarking that the show was better last year.

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"So it's about a Chinaman running away from a bunch of hippies?" - An old man watching The Walking Dead," joked Richard Lawson. 

Ted Berg tweeted, "The Walking Dead is like Jason Bay: it's now so bad it's difficult to remember it was once good. But that ending was like a random 2-HR day."

But Danny Svitzky disagreed, saying, "This whole mediocre halfseason of The Walking Dead just redeemed itself in about five minutes."

On Facebook, Alvin Vigil wrote, "Was an awesome episode. Totally was not expecting that ending.

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"Wesley J. Smith concurred, tweeting, "Walking Dead is simply THE best zombie show. More than gore. That's easy. Extremely good writing, plotting & acting. And food for thought."

Constance Smith also Facebooked, "I am so broken hearted. I knew as soon as the shooting started. DAMN!!"

Though Nick Youssef stuck with the majority of viewers who were less than thrilled, saying "The Walking Dead should be re-named: 'Looking For a Missing Girl With a Bunch of Crying Women Also There's a Few Zombies.'"