Comic-Con: 'Walking Dead' Showrunner Challenges Superfan to Trivia Contest (Video)

Few people know AMC's The Walking Dead as well as showrunner Scott M. Gimple, but if there's any place to find someone who might, it's San Diego Comic-Con.

For the first episode of the Superfan vs. Showrunner series, The Hollywood Reporter headed to San Diego to track down one of zombie drama's biggest fans.

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Watch the video above to see Gimple and superfan Samantha Bellington battle over which hand Merle lost, dig deep to name characters who weren't in the comics and attempt to properly quote one of Rick's most iconic lines.

Stay tuned to for other episodes, featuring the showrunners of The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf and Resurrection. And in case you missed it, watch the epic trailer for The Walking Dead's upcoming fifth season, released at Comic-Con. 

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Test your own knowledge with the questions below.

– Name three main characters featured on the AMC show who were not in the comics.

– Lizzie and Mika were remixed characters based on which characters from the comics?

– Daryl Dixon wore a necklace of zombie body parts in a season two episode. What body part was it?

– Which hand did Merle lose?

– How did he lose it?

– Which member of the group punched Rick in the face during season four?

– What was Glenn's occupation before the apocalypse?

– What's Morgan's son's name?

– Michonne first arrived with two "pets." Who were they?

– Where do Glenn and Maggie have sex for the first time?

– How did Lori Grimes die in the comics and on the show?

– Who is the first human to die — post-apocalypse — on the AMC show?

– Rick delivered a version of a well-known line from the comics to end season four. What did he say?

– What did Carol tell young psychopath Lizzie to do moments before she shot her in the head?

– Where did Glenn get the ring he gave Maggie?

– Who covered themselves with zombie guts with Rick in Atlanta in order to escape a zombie horde?

– Which two networks passed on The Walking Dead?

– How many surviving members of the Greene family are there?

– In the pilot, who are the first two humans Rick encounters?

– Name any of the three first guests on post-show Talking Dead.