'Walking Dead's' Laurie Holden: Andrea Will Honor Dale With Peacekeeping Trip to the Prison

The Walking Dead Laurie Holden Gun Zombie - H 2013
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The Walking Dead Laurie Holden Gun Zombie - H 2013

To say that The Walking Dead's Andrea is stuck between a rock and a hard place would be an understatement. After Rick's camp considered their friend dead in the zombie attack on Hershel's barn, Andrea will return to see what's left of her former group for the first time during Sunday's episode.

What she'll find will "rock her world," according to actress Laurie Holden. Indeed: T-Dog? Dead. Lori? Died during childbirth. Shane, her former friend with benefits? Killed by his best friend. Then there's the mess that is Rick (Andrew Lincoln), the madman overseeing the Ricktatorship that, as far as she knows, attacked the Governor (David Morrissey)-controlled Woodbury for no reason.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Holden to preview Sunday's big reunion and get the scoop on Andrea's mission of peace.

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The Hollywood Reporter: What will Andrea's first interaction with the group look like?
Laurie Holden: I don't think that Andrea really knows what she's walking into, but she's hoping for the best. She's there to make peace and to clear up all misunderstandings and to get to the bottom of all of this madness. It's fair to say it doesn't quite go the way she's expecting.

THR: There's a lot that Andrea isn't privy to -- Shane, Lori, T-Dog -- how will she handle the news?
Holden: It's going to be an episode where Andrea's heart breaks time and time again. She doesn't know so much of what's gone down. She has been in the dark about how these people have been living, who has died, the massive amount of loss -- and it's going to rock her world.

THR: Michonne (Danai Gurira) came back to Woodbury to prove what a villain the Governor really is. How will Andrea respond to seeing her again?
Holden: But she didn't. Michonne never said, "He tried to kill me." All she said was that things are not what they seem; it was very cryptic. It really is a misunderstanding. Andrea didn't choose the Governor over Michonne -- she wanted life. She wanted a sense of community. All the horrible truth of what has gone down is about to hit Andrea hard. When Andrea walked in on the Governor and Michonne fighting, she didn't do that to protect the Governor. She walked in and saw her best friend carving the eye out of a man that she cared about. Andrea was trying to stop the violence. She didn't pull the trigger; she was never going to harm Michonne. Right now, it's a time of awakening.

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THR: Andrea's a former attorney. How will she use those skills in an attempt to barter peace?
Holden: She was a human-rights lawyer, and that's a huge part of who she is. In the apocalypse, when she was floundering and lost her way, the No. 1 person who really loved her and guided her­ was Dale (Jeff DeMunn). He's like a guardian angel in her life, and now every move she makes she says to herself, "How does this honor Dale?" As she moves forward, she wants to mediate, she wants peace, she doesn't want blood on her hands or anybody else's. She is for the people and wants to protect them as much as she can. It's not Team Rick and Team the Governor; it's Team the People.

THR: Does she really think a truce between the two groups is feasible?
Holden: She's realizing that he's a liar and that he isn't to be trusted. I don't think Andrea has caught up with the apocalyptic world in the sense that she's never killed a human being before. She has killed zombies, but she hasn't become a savage. In a world where there are no more rules and everything has become so chaotic, she is trying to restore order. Nothing good comes out of war.

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THR: Could we see her return to the prison full-time? We've seen in the promos that the Governor tells her if she goes to the prison, not to return to Woodbury.
Holden: Andrea is a stubborn one. I don't think that she cares what warnings or threats she gets from the Governor. She has a mind of her own. It's not about abandoning Woodbury and going to the prison -- because if she completely abandons Woodbury, what's going to happen to all those people? Her modus operandi is: How can I stop this violence? She needs to go to the prison to get all the information before she can mediate and really make a good decision to stop this war.

THR: Andrea has a powerful position within Woodbury. Could we see her attempt to overthrow the Governor?
Holden: She's sure going to try. It's a very tricky second half of the season, and it's a rollercoaster, so get ready! Andrea is going to do everything she can to try to reach the Governor's humanity, Rick's humanity and mediate and calm them down and protect the people. It's not about choosing sides. It's more of trying to calm down these men that are acting irrationally and losing their minds. Rick isn't acting particularly sane himself these days. Mind you, she doesn't know that, but she's about to.

How do you think Andrea's return to the prison will be received? Hit the comments with your thoughts. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Check out a promo below.

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