'Walking Dead': Who Will Die in Season 6?

The Walking Dead S06E03 Still - H 2015
Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead S06E03 Still - H 2015

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead comic book series on which the AMC drama is based.]

AMC's The Walking Dead is juggling three major threats this season.

In addition to the ever-present danger from the rapidly decomposing undead, Rick's group of survivors are battling the human threat that exists within Alexandria from those who disagree with his "survive at any costs" outlook. On top of that, Alexandria got its first look at the savage group known as the Wolves during their deadly attack on the community during episode two.

With so many threats to juggle during season six — and did we mention that massive horde of walkers Rick and company are trying to lead away from Alexandria? — can everyone survive the season?

"There's certainly a lot of death this season but I don't know if it's more or less than any other season," creator Robert Kirkman said of season six. We're always looking for new and interesting ways [to kill off characters]. That's part of the show, and moving into the sixth season we keep things exciting, refreshing and new. I'm confident that all of our deaths this season up our game. They evolve the story when we need them to and they're definitely going to surprise people."

After losing four series regulars during season five (Emily Kinney's Beth, Chad Coleman's Tyreese, Lawrence Gilliard Jr.'s Bob and Andrew J. West's Gareth — plus recurring player Tyler James Williams' Noah) — THR presents its second annual Walking Dead Pool, where we take a look at the likelihood that each series regular will be killed off this season. (Check out last year's Walking Dead Pool here.)

Andrew Lincoln (Rick) — .001 percent. He's the safest character on the show.

Chandler Riggs (Carl) — 1 percent. He can take care of himself — and save others as he did with Ron during episode two — plus he has Rick and Carol both looking out for him. Carl isn't going anywhere — though we can't say the same about his eye, which we have a hunch he'll lose when the walker horde arrives at Alexandria.

Norman Reedus (Daryl) — .001 percent. We'll just leave this right here.

Melissa McBride (Carol) — .001 percent. In Carol we trust.

Danai Gurira (Michonne) — 1 percent. Michonne is wise when it comes to picking her battles. We'll see if the same is true for picking love interests. (Ahem, Morgan, we know where your missing energy bar went.)

Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) — 50 percent. Partnered with Sasha, Abraham related to her one-time death wish — and seems to have one of his own right now.

Lauren Cohan (Maggie) — 10 percent. She's the voice of reason within Alexandria while Rick is away and is being groomed to become its next leader (and, we suspect, possibly pregnant).

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Steven Yeun (Glenn) — 30 percent. Every season, the rumors swirl as to whether this will be the one when Glenn meets Lucille. We're going to say that it will happen in season seven — when this happens in Issue 100 of the comic. Plus it would be interesting to see how Glenn, the group's moral compass, interacts with Morgan.

Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) — 35 percent. The AMC series needs its version of Andrea, and sharp-shooter Sasha would make a prime candidate to be up in that tower instead of the useless Spencer.  

Josh McDermitt (Eugene) — 5 percent. Eugene, even though he's admittedly a coward, isn't going anywhere. While he may not be able to fight or defend himself, he's still smart, and should he follow the comic's storyline, could use his skills to manufacture ammunition.  

Alanna Masterson (Tara) — 20 percent. She lost her best friend in Noah but his death has to mean something to someone besides Glenn and Nicholas. Who better to be Denise's (Merritt Wever) right-hand woman than someone who has experienced loss?

Christian Serratos (Rosita) — 15 percent. To hear showrunner Scott M. Gimple tell it, Rosita's "grizzled, seasoned soldier" will come out this season.

Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) — 70 percent. While Father Gabriel is still alive in the comics, onscreen the character has finally realized that he needs to learn how to fight and defend himself — with Carl taking on teaching duties. As he juggles the shame that comes with surviving, can he be strong enough to do what needs to be done when the pressure is on? And wouldn't it be poetic if, during a walker attack on Alexandria, Father Gabe misfired and shot Carl in the eye?

Lennie James (Morgan) — 75 percent. Back full-time, Morgan has now realized that he can't allow everyone to survive after he let the Wolves go last season. We have a feeling that the Wolves he let free in episode two will come back to haunt him. With Glenn, does this show need two people to be the moral compass? (Plus he doesn't survive beyond the attack on Alexandria in the comics.)

Tovah Feldshuh (Deanna) — 99.9 percent. She can't defend herself or her community. She's grooming Maggie to take over. This is a character who knows her time is limited, especially after seeing what the Wolves are capable of.  

Ross Marquand (Aaron) — 45 percent. While the recruiter knows how to survive on the road and is often a good judge of character, it was his photos of the lush Alexandria that attracted the Wolves. We think his boyfriend, Eric, may not be long for the world and that loss could be all it takes to make Aaron walker chow.

Alexandra Breckenridge (Jessie) — 99.9 percent. First comes love (with Rick), then comes death (via walker attack).

Austin Nichols (Spencer) — 30 percent. When and if his mother, Deanna, dies, Spencer seems most likely to be Rick's primary opposition within Alexandria.

* Judith — 100 percent. We'll stick with the same prediction as last year and say she'll perish this season, though is it fair to see Rick have to navigate grief over his daughter's death and his son possibly losing an eye in the same season? Rick needs to lose something this season.

Who do you think will be killed off this season? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.