'The Walking Dead's' Comic-Con Deadquarters Is a Superfan's Dream

The Walking Dead S07E12 Still_1_embed - Publicity - EMBED 2017
Gene Page/AMC

Stuntman Bernecker (center, in fatigues) had accumulated 93 stunt credits in less than a decade of work.

AMC's The Walking Dead is impossible to miss at San Diego Comic-Con.

As it is every year, the face of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) adorns badges for the pop culture confab, with the security checkpoints to get in and out of the convention center also featuring images from the zombie drama.

In addition to the show-themed AMC booth on the convention floor, the cable network is also teaming with the San Diego Parks Department for a sprawling interactive attraction dubbed The Walking Dead Deadquarters.

With a line as short as five minutes, the 585-person attraction offers something for everyone. Exec producer, director and zombie master Greg Nicotero re-created some of the show's most iconic images specifically for the outdoor event. Snap a photo with the bloated Well Walker who nearly gave Glenn (aww, Glenn!) a heart attack. Next to that? The famed Water Walker, who could be a hint of what's to come of some Comic-Con attendees coping with the blistering heat and humidity in San Diego this week.

And while those are both great, the real prize is the a silicone replica of the hospital doors that Rick encountered in The Walking Dead pilot, which may represent the most iconic image from the show yet.

For younger fans, there's a Walking Dead-themed batting cage complete with a pitching machine lobbing baseballs at hitters who were armed with — what else — Lucille. Hitters were given a batting helmet and protective goggles and anyone who was able to connect the wooden bat covered with plastic barbed wire to mirror Negan's weapon of choice was given show-themed swag including board games, T-shirts, action figures and more.

And while there was plenty of food and games, there was also a truck offering free water and soda directly across from a shaded cooling station with plenty of space to take a break from the Comic-Con apocalypse (and charge your cellphones, too).

Other highlights include "Survivor Selfies" where fans can also "meet" life-size figures of Rick, Michonne and Daryl — as well as Fear the Walking Dead's Madison. (All created by Nicotero.)

There's also a Fear bunker — that's air conditioned! — where fans will encounter a caged Geoffrey and be surrounded by a horde of the infected. (Oh, and you could be surprised by one of the many walkers roaming around the attraction. Don't take their heads off!)