'WandaVision' Premiere Makes Nielsen's Streaming Top 10


The first Marvel series on Disney+ gave the streaming service another entry in Nielsen's weekly rankings.

WandaVision's debut finished sixth among original shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Disney+ for the week of Jan. 11-17 in terms of total viewing time — but one way of looking at the data suggests it had one of the larger audiences of the week. It also gave Disney+ two entries in the top 10 originals, where it joined The Mandalorian, for the first time.

Viewers watched 434 million minutes' worth of WandaVision's first two episodes, which ran for 30 and 37 minutes. That equates to about 6.48 million complete plays of the two episodes — more than those for shows and movies with higher total minute tallies like Bridgerton (1.39 billion minutes, equating to about 2.85 million complete runs of the eight episode, 487-minute season) and Night Stalker: The Search for a Serial Killer (867 million minutes, equivalent to 4.59 million plays of its 189-minute run).

Bridgerton reclaimed the No. 1 spot in minutes viewed, while the prior week's top show, Cobra Kai, slipped one spot to second. Night Stalker had the biggest debut of the week in total minutes.

Also of note: Netflix's Outside the Wire premiered at No. 1 among movies, displacing Soul on Disney+. Amazon's awards contender One Night in Miami ranked fifth among movies, and Hulu made its first appearance in any of the top 10 lists, gathering 106 million minutes of viewing time for the 2010 movie Killers.

Streaming platforms contend Nielsen's methodology doesn't capture the full scope of viewing on devices other than TV sets. Nielsen also only measures U.S. audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only includes Amazon, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix in its rankings.

Nielsen's streaming top 10s for Jan. 11-17 are below. Original streaming films are marked with an asterisk.

Original Series

1. Bridgerton (Netflix), 1.39 billion minutes viewed
2. Cobra Kai (Netflix), 1.01 billion
3. Night Stalker: The Search for a Serial Killer (Netflix), 867 million
4. Lupin (Netflix), 494 million
5. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix), 442 million
6. WandaVision (Disney+), 434 million
7. Disenchantment (Netflix), 401 million
8. The Crown (Netflix), 394 million
9. Virgin River (Netflix), 340 million
10. The Mandalorian (Disney+), 339 million

Acquired Series

1. Criminal Minds (Netflix), 853 million mintues
2. Grey's Anatomy (Netflix), 711 million
3. Mariposa de Barrio (Netflix), 621 million
4. Supernatural (Netflix), 591 million
5. Schitt's Creek (Netflix), 577 million
6. L.A.'s Finest (Netflix), 546 million
7. NCIS (Netflix), 471 million
8. Cocomelon (Netflix), 468 million
9. New Girl (Netflix), 354 million
10. The Blacklist (Netflix), 307 million


1. Outside the Wire* (Netflix), 556 million minutes
2. We Can Be Heroes* (Netflix), 316 million
3. Soul* (Disney+), 306 million
4. Moana (Disney+), 229 million
5. One Night in Miami* (Amazon), 188 million
6. Frozen II (Disney+), 160 million
7. Catch Me If You Can (Amazon), 122 million
8. Good Burger (Netflix), 117 million
9. Killers (2010) (Hulu), 106 million
10. Unknown (Netflix), 100 million