Watch 'Bachelorette' Villain Chad Johnson Laugh While Watching Himself on the Show

Chad Johnson- Bachelorette contestant-publicity-H 2016
Courtesy of ABC

This season's resident Bachelorette villain, Chad Johnson, find himself "hilarious" on the show.

Johnson claims he just now got around to watching himself on the ABC series — four episodes into the season — and in a video he posted on Instagram, he can be seen laughing while watching himself.

"So I finally watched the show at my sisters," the 28-year-old self-described luxury real estate agent wrote Tuesday night. "Holy tits now I understand why some people hate me! Haha but some parts were hilarious too LOL"

In the clip, he's watching a scene in which he's heard saying: "Most of the guys are a little immature. I'm just, like, giving her a breather from all these dudes. Literally, I'm helping her out. I'm like, 'What's up? You're welcome.'"


So I finally watched the show at my sisters.. Holy tits now I understand why some people hate me! Haha but some parts were hilarious too LOL @tiffjohnson24

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On The Bachelorette, Johnson has clashed with the other men living in the house, which has escalated into physical threats. He also pushed one other competitor and ripped his shirt, after which point a security guard was brought into the house where the men stay.

After his behavior was brought to the attention of Chris Harrison by another suitor, the host got involved by asking Johnson to make amends with the other men.

Johnson was sent home by Fletcher in a two-on-one date during the most recent episode, which ended with his returning to the guys' house afterward and a "to be continued."

Three days before posting the video to Instagram, Johnson claimed on Twitter that he doesn't watch the show.

"I don't watch the shows, so did they show whether I killed someone yet? Or am I still waiting to find out LoL," he wrote.

Still, he's responded to comments from viewers who have been critical of his behavior:

And he's also referenced events happening on the series in his Twitter feed:

Watch some clips of Johnson on the show below.