Watch Ben Affleck Butcher "Let It Go" on 'Tonight Show'

Batman can't sing
Ben Affleck on 'Tonight Show'

Ben Affleck has many skills, but belting out Frozen tunes isn't one of them, much to his son's chagrin.

The Gone Girl star and new Batman, who appeared on Monday's Tonight Show, said that his two-year-old son, Samuel, loves the hit Disney film. Affleck tries his best to sing along with it, but his best isn't good enough for the youngster.

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Watch the video and see whether you agree with Samuel that Ben's version of "Let It Go" pales in comparison to Jimmy Fallon's.

Over on the Late Show, Affleck's Gone Girl co-star Neil Patrick Harris told Dave Letterman that his "bare ass" makes an appearance in the film. And no, this is not the first time Harris has dropped trou for a movie, as he explained.

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Also, who exactly has Harris been "dry-humping" lately? 

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