Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Give His Best Jar Jar Binks Impersonation

Benedict Cumberbatch Still - H 2014

If Jar Jar Binks were here, he might have this to say about Benedict Cumberbatch's impression of him: "How rude."

The Sherlock star was a guest on BBC America's Graham Norton Show, where he did a surprisingly accurate impersonation of the often-mocked Phantom Menace character. Cumberbatch even squeezed in some particularly harsh words about Mr. Binks. 

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But that wasn't the limit of the actor's vocal feats during his talk show appearance. He also unleashed his ferocious Smaug voice from the Hobbit films, which downright terrified the show's other celebrity guests.

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And you'll definitely want to listen to Cumberbatch continuously butcher the word "penguin" in a clip that Norton shows from a nature documentary Cumberbatch narrated. Seriously, wasn't a producer around to ask him to try the word one more time?

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