Watch Bill Clinton Beam About Being a Grandfather and Hillary's Political Plans

"She's the ablest public servant I ever worked with"
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Bill Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is celebrating Veterans Day with Bill Clinton, who is a new grandfather.

"Her name is Charlotte," he tells Ellen DeGeneres of his granddaughter, in a segment that airs Tuesday. How is Hillary Clinton as a grandmother? "She’s a dotting, giddy, deliriously happy grandmother.... We haven’t had much spoiling time. I told Hillary right when we were going to the hospital for Chelsea [Clinton] to give birth, I said, 'Now, we have to remember this is not our child! We have to show up when we’re invited and do what we’re asked.' I suppose we’ll have a chance to spoil her, but we haven't yet."

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He added, "President [George W.] Bush 43, who became a grandfather just a few weeks before I did, told me something on which there was complete agreement. He said, 'The most important thing you have to remember when you become a grandfather is, you immediately fall to last place on the family hierarchy!' "

So what's ahead for Hillary's career? "I don’t know what Hillary’s going to do. It’s true! If I did, I wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t know. All this looks different. We’ve been so blessed. We’ve had a wonderful life. We’ve had the chance to serve. Whatever she wants to do, I’m for. She’s the ablest public servant I ever worked with."

When asked to choose between two onesies, Clinton said picking the one that reads "My Grandma's Running for President in 2016" "would be best for the country.... [but] it's not a decision for me to make," while selecting the other, “My Grandma's a Stay-at-Home Granny," would make Hillary "happy as a clam."

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