Watch 'Colbert Report's' 10 Best Moments Ever

Stephen Colbert Cheering iWatch - H 2014
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert Cheering iWatch - H 2014

The Colbert Report airs its final episode Thursday, which sadly means no more wagging fingers, befuddled politicians or homages to Papa Bear (aka Bill O'Reilly). 

Host Stephen Colbert is heading to CBS to take over at the Late Show desk, but before he does, bid farewell to his Comedy Central series by watching 10 of its all-time best clips.

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Colbert coins the term "truthiness" (2005)

Perhaps his most notable contribution to the lexicon is "truthiness," which he introduced in this edition of The Word. "They're all fact, no heart," he said about why he dislikes books. 

President Obama takes over (2014)

Before a planned interview, Obama commandeered Colbert's desk and read the segment that Colbert was about to do. This involved Obama having to refer to himself as "arrogant."

Obama demands that Colbert get a haircut (2009)

Colbert got a new 'do when Obama instructed Gen. Ray Odierno to grab the clippers. 


He dances to Daft Punk with a slew of celebrities, from Hugh Laurie to Jimmy Fallon (2013)

Ever wanted to see Bryan Cranston shake his moneymaker on roller skates? Your (oddly specific) wish has been granted.

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The WristStrong Saga (2007-2008)

After breaking his wrist, Colbert showed film clips, including Luke losing his hand in The Empire Strikes Back, while claiming that Hollywood has an anti-wrist agenda.


A Colbert Christmas (2008)

The Christmas special's recording, which featured this tune with Colbert and Elvis Costello, went on to win a Grammy for best comedy album in 2010.

He pays tribute to his mother (2013)

Colbert missed a week of shows after his mother, Lorna, passed away at 92. He returned with this emotional message dedicated to her.


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Colbert runs for president (2007)

The talk-show host officially threw his hat in the ring after admitting that "you cannot swing a dead cat these days without hitting a presidential candidate."


He makes peace with bears (2014)

"You're not here to kill us — you're here to help," Colbert told a bear before proceeding to swap spit with it. 


Colbert meets a small town's gay mayor (2013)

The residents of Vicco, Ky., surprised Colbert with how they feel about mayor Johnny Cummings.


The final episode of Colbert Report airs Dec. 18 at 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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