Watch Colbie Caillat Sing 'Smelly Cat' at 'Friends' Central Perk Pop-Up in NYC

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat entertains a tough audience on the back lawn at the House of Fair.

Central Perk recently enjoyed a new coffeehouse performer: Colbie Caillat.

While in New York City to promote her new album, Gypsy Heart, the singer and self-professed superfan of Friends took to the stage of the SoHo pop-up shop to perform her new single "Try," plus a bit of the show's beloved song "Smelly Cat," made famous by Lisa Kudrow.

"Sing it with me? Yeah?" she asked the audience. "Sing it really bad too."

The pop-up coffeehouse, established in celebration of the NBC sitcom's 20th anniversary, features set pieces re-creating Friends' iconic hangout spot and an array of props and souvenirs, along with the first-ever Central Perk Roast, presented by Eight O'Clock Coffee.

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Watch a clip of the performance below, followed by Kudrow's original rendition.

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