Watch Eddie Redmayne Reenact His Failed 'Hobbit' Audition

Eddie Redmayne Graham Norton Still - H 2015

If you've been wondering why Eddie Redmayne doesn't appear in the Hobbit franchise, you're about to find out. 

The Theory of Everything actor was a guest on the British talk show The Graham Norton Show, where the host asked him why he wasn't in the Peter Jackson-directed films.

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Redmayne revealed that he actually did get an audition to play Bilbo Baggins, and he proceeded to reenact his ill-fated audition by scrunching up his body and doing a very strange voice.

He explained he was "really rigorous" about researching the role, which didn't seem to keep fellow guest Liam Neeson from enjoying a hearty chuckle at the effort.

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"I never got a callback," Redmayne admitted. Perhaps it's for the best that Martin Freeman got the part instead.

Watch Redmayne's performance in the video below, along with guest Anna Kendrick's surprising reaction to it. 

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