Watch Eddie Redmayne's Startled Reaction to Amy Poehler's Flirty Comment

Eddie Redmayne Late Night Still - H 2014

Amy Poehler apparently wishes that her eyesight was worse, at least when Eddie Redmayne is involved.

Redmayne appeared on Late Night on Tuesday, where Seth Meyers informed him that Poehler noticed some similarities between Redmayne's and Meyers' looks.

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Meyers said that Poehler liked hosting Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update with him because, "if she squinted hard enough, she could pretend she was doing it with Eddie Redmayne."

The Theory of Everything actor was clearly quite embarrassed by the remark and by Meyers' surprising pickup line, but Redmayne managed to remain charmingly humble. 

Find out what he said in the clip below.

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