Watch Hillary Clinton Appeal to Electoral College Voter in 'SNL' Spoof of 'Love Actually'

Clinto SNL Love Actually spoof grab - H
NBC/Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Hillary Clinton on the Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live, this time spoofing the holiday classic Love Actually to try and sway an Electoral College voter from certifying Donald Trump as the next president.

In the sketch, titled “Hillary Actually,” Clinton shows up on the doorstep of a Republican voter (played by Cecily Strong, who channels the romantic comedy’s Keira Knightley) in an effort to sway her vote before the Electoral College meets on Monday.

“I know you’re an elector,” Clinton writes on large cue cards. “And on December 19th, you’re supposed for vote for Donald Trump. But bish, he cray.” From there, the former Democratic nominee urges the elector to vote for anyone else, including Tom Hanks, Zendaya, The Rock — or just a plain rock.

The skit is reminiscent of the Love Actually scene where Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln) confesses his love to Juliet (Knightley), who is married to Mark's best friend.

The episode, hosted by Manchester by the Sea's Casey Affleck, was the final SNL of the year. The cold open featured surprise guest John Goodman as Rex Tillerson when Vladmir Putin came down Donald Trump's (played by Alec Baldwin) tree, and also saw SNL alum Fred Armisen return for two sketches. 

Watch the Clinton sketch, followed by other show highlights (the cold open, Armisen's appearance as a friend of Putin's on "Weekend Update" and Affleck's monologue) below. 

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