Watch 'Interstellar' Star Mackenzie Foy Hurt Jimmy Fallon With Taekwondo Move

Mackenzie Foy Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Still - H 2014

Apparently, hosting a talk show can be hazardous to your health.

Interstellar actress Mackenzie Foy appeared on the Tonight Show on Tuesday, where she performed a taekwondo move on Jimmy Fallon that seemed to leave the talk show host in quite a bit of pain. 

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Foy, who also played Renesmee in the Twilight franchise, explained that she had recently earned her black belt and proceeded to demonstrate a self-defense move on Fallon that involved twisting his arm back until he had to signal to her to stop.

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"Get off me! What's wrong with you?" exclaimed Fallon, who probably would have preferred Jay Leno as a guest, which is saying something. Fallon later told the 14-year-old Foy: "That was weird, what you just did."

See the move in the video below and decide for yourself whether Foy took things a bit too far.

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