Watch James Corden, Denis Leary Sing "Trump's an Asshole" Dressed as the Clintons

Leary Corden Trump asshole grab - H

Denis Leary reimagined his famous "Asshole" song with a little help from James Corden on CBS' The Late Late Show Wednesday night.

Dressed as Bill and Hillary Clinton, respectively, Leary and Corden paid musical tribute to Donald Trump with an updated version, titled "Trump's an Asshole."

"Folks, I'd like to sing a song about the American dream," said Leary in the DNC-inspired sketch. "About me, about you and about Donald Trump and that special feeling we get whenever he speaks."

Corden continued, "Maybe he's talking from the bottom of his heart, maybe below his heart? Maybe he's talking out of his ass. We don't know."

The pair then broke into tune with politically inspired lyrics of the things Trump has done that the Clintons haven't, with the chorus (bleeped with American flags): Trump's an asshole/He's an asshole/He's an asshole/He's the world's biggest asshole.

They ended the number with a smooch — and balloons, much to Bill Clinton/Leary's excitement.

Watch the pair perform the song below.