Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson, James Corden Sing of Struggling to Share Stories During Late-Night Spots

James Corden Jesse Tyler Ferguson H 2015

James Corden Jesse Tyler Ferguson H 2015

Group interviews are hard.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson felt the pain when seated next to Allison Janney on Monday's The Late Late Show, where the Mom star chatted with James Corden about her evening at the Emmys.

"When will I get a chance to share my story?" sang Ferguson. "It's clever and amusing, but it's never going to happen 'cause Corden won't stop schmoozing, and Janney won't stop yapping!"

As the Modern Family star told the audience that "the anecdote I know will change the world" and would "lead to so much laughter, that love would fill the planet, that peace would reign thereafter; there'd be no more bloodshed, hate or atom bombs," the late-night host jumped in with a glimmer of hope for the story's airtime. Maybe.

Watch the duet in the video below.