Jimmy Fallon Eats Olive Garden for First Time With Connoisseur Post Malone

Jimmy Fallon has finally tasted an Olive Garden breadstick.

At the top of the show Thursday night, the Tonight Show host explained that during Post Malone's appearance on the NBC show last week, Fallon admitted to the "Rockstar" rapper that he had never been to an Olive Garden. Malone, who goes there for every life milestone moment, told Fallon that the news "saddened" him — and so, naturally, the pair ended up at the Times Square Olive Garden after the show.

Once at the casual-dining establishment, Fallon was shocked to learn that he could not only get a free wine sample, but also free breadsticks and unlimited salad. "How do you guys make money?" he asked the waitress.

Malone then showed Fallon how to eat Olive Garden breadsticks "Post Malone-style." That technique involved biting off the top of the breadstick and spreading "2 mm" of butter on top the bitten surface.

When Post Malone asked for a "laundry basket of croutons" with the salad, Fallon emerged from the kitchen with an actual laundry basket of the toasted bread. "You're the best dad ever," Malone said.

The two ordered "extra crispy chicken parm," per the rapper's suggestion, and after the meal Fallon told the waitress it was his dining companion's birthday so they could also get a complimentary slice of cake delivered to their table.

Last Saturday, The Tonight Show host teased a taped segment of the meal during his appearance at the New Yorker festival, and also offered some behind-the-scenes details.

"He kept talking about how he loves the Olive Garden," Fallon said. "I was like, 'You keep saying this, but I've got to be honest, I've never been to an Olive Garden.' He was like, 'Are you kidding me? That really saddens me.' I'm like, 'Dude, I live in New York City. I'm not going to go to Olive Garden.' He goes, 'I'll take you there tonight.' I go, 'OK, if you want to; I'll go to the Olive Garden.'"

Fallon confessed, "Actually I loved it; it was pretty good." But he found a few things to be unusual about the eatery. "It's the oddest restaurant I've ever been to. I took an escalator through the restaurant. It's like three floors. I've never taken an escalator through any restaurant, I've ever been to in my life. I get there, they're like, 'Here's the breadsticks, unlimited breadsticks for free.' Then they go, 'Here's the salad, this is free.' I go, 'What do you mean it's free?'"

When they wrapped at 10 p.m., Fallon was ready to go home and go to sleep but Malone wanted to go out so they ended up going to an Irish pub where Post Malone participated in jam night. Fallon said his voice was "still rough" days later.