Watch Jimmy Fallon and as Snobby Girls in "Ew" Music Video

Fallon is eyeing the pop charts: "Please request this to your local DJ?"
Jimmy Fallon and in "Ew"

Don't be surprised if headgear suddenly becomes trendy.

On Monday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon aired the music video for an original song called "Ew," starring himself and Black Eyed Peas impresario

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The video features Fallon as his signature character Sara, a judgmental girl who says "ew" about basically everything she encounters. 

In the video, Sara learns what "impleggies" are, while proves that it's indeed possible to look cool while wearing outdated orthodontia devices. 

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The song is certainly silly, but could it end up on the music charts? Fallon apparently hopes so. "Please request this to your local DJ?" he tweeted about the tune. Then again, if the song "Selfie" can become a legitimate pop hit, anything can.

"Ew" is available for purchase here, with proceeds benefiting SeriousFun Children’s Network and the Foundation. 

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