Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Annual Halloween Candy Prank Make Kids Freak Out

As always, some of the best responses are from the tykes who take the high road
'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Halloween candy prank

Kids generally aren't pleased when you mess with their Halloween candy. 

For the fourth straight year, Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to tell their children they've eaten their trick-or-treat loot and film the results. This year's segment aired on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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"You ruined my life," one distraught child tells his mom after hearing the grim news about his stash. Another youngster's retaliation involves strange behavior with the kitchen drawers.

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Of course, not every child goes into conniptions. One girl appears to be on the verge of tears but still adorably tells her mom, "We'll get some more next time." If that doesn't make you optimistic about our nation's future, nothing will.

Watch the full video below. 

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