Watch Katy Perry Hit on College QB in Awkward ESPN Appearance

He's not likely to forget this moment anytime soon
Katy Perry on ESPN's 'College GameDay'

Despite her fame, Katy Perry apparently still needs a little assistance with getting a date. 

The pop star was a guest on Saturday's College GameDay, where she offered an usual explanation for why she thought the Oklahoma Sooners would prevail over TCU in that day's matchup of two top-25 teams. 

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"I'm picking this one based on looks," Perry, 30, told the show's hosts. "Trevor Knight, do you hear me?" Knight, 20, is the Oklahoma starting quarterback and was named MVP of the Sugar Bowl earlier this year. 

"The quarterback for Oklahoma, we don't mind, so I'm going to go with him," Perry added before shouting: "Trevor Knight, call me!" She then held up a poster of Knight, cut into the shape of a heart.

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Perry, who is known for previous high-profile relationships with John Mayer and ex-husband Russell Brand, made for quite the memorable guest on the sports-analysis show. Clad in a fuzzy pink sweater resembling a football jersey, she kept holding up a corn dog and made a not-so-subtle double entendre referencing the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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