Watch Kevin Hart Fall in Love in 'SNL' Promos

Does the 'Wedding Ringer' star need to stop shouting?
Kevin Hart and Aidy Bryant in promos for 'Saturday Night Live'

Kevin Hart assumes everyone wants his autograph in the promos for his upcoming Saturday Night Live episode. 

In the videos that were released Tuesday, the comedian appears with castmember Aidy Bryant. One of the promos shows the two professing their love for each other. 

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After Bryant says she's breaking her resolution by falling for him, Hart responds: "Well, it looks like I'm keeping my New Year's resolution because mine was to fall in love, too — with you, Aidy Bryant. That and cutting out salt." He then reveals what he does to his butt with salt, and trust us that you'll never look at salt the same way again.

Another promo shows Hart autographing Bryant's chest, while a third proves that the Ride Along star might actually need to start lowering his voice. 

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Hart hosts the NBC sketch show for the second time Jan. 17, with Sia as the musical guest. The promos can be seen below.

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