Watch New Season 4 Trailer for HBO's 'True Blood' (Video)

True Blood fans still have a ways to go before the fourth season premieres on HBO, but here's a trailer of what to expect to get you over the hump.

It's a post-Russell Edgington world in the town of Bon Temps when our favorite vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, etc. return to the small screen (though it's hard to fully believe that he's truly gone) in late June. And  as one can imagine, things get more complicated, more chaotic and duh, sexier.

Best Sookie line in the minute-long teaser? "Oh great, now I have to deal with witches?!"

Though nothing has really been revealed about what the upcoming season will entail, what we do know is that it will fall in line, to a certain extent, with the fourth book Dead to the World of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, in which Viking vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) loses his memory. 

True Blood debuts its fourth season Sunday, June 26.