Watch One Direction Mock Jimmy Fallon's Impressions of Them

One Direction Tonight Show Still - H 2014

The lads from One Direction are presumably rich enough to buy solid-gold chairs (just guessing here), but they're also not too good to sit on the floor.

The popular boy band appeared on Tuesday's Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon asked them to hop out of their chairs and reenact the band's photo from their new vinyl album cover.

While down on the ground with them, Fallon couldn't resist impersonating the band with his best British accent.

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Describing what he imagines the band members doing for the holidays, he said in character, "I make pudding for about three or four hours." He also teased them for repeatedly plugging their various projects.

Clearly, Fallon was enjoying the bonding session. "I feel like I could fit in the band," he said.

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But the feeling might not have been mutual, as the gents were quick to point out that he sounded nothing like them. 

Watch the video segment below from the episode, which was Fallon's last new Tonight Show of 2014.

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