Watch a Paranoid Jim Carrey Test David Letterman for Ebola

Jim Carrey Dave Letterman - H 2014

Even if the odds of contracting Ebola are perhaps one out of a million, Jim Carrey doesn't want there to be a chance. 

The Dumb and Dumber To star appeared as a guest on the Late Show on Wednesday and did his best to ensure that David Letterman was Ebola-free.

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After taking Letterman's temperature and asking if he's traveled abroad lately, Carrey followed up with a rather unusual query: "Have you ever kissed a monkey or licked an airport toilet seat?" Let's just say that Letterman's response is probably not what you're expecting.

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Somehow, Carrey also squeezes in a crack about Chris Christie for good measure. See the video clip below. 

Earlier in the show, Carrey proved that he is willing to go to great measures to nab an Oscar. 

But is the prize really worth depriving yourself of oxygen?

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