Watch SXSW Music Fans Proclaim Their Love for Fake Bands on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' (Video)

SXSW attendees are excited to hear Wiz Khalifa's younger brother, Cheese Wiz Khalifa, play this year.
Courtesy of ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s "Lie Witness News" segment made its way to Austin, Texas, for its SXSW 2015 Edition, featuring enthusiastic music fans confessing their love for a bunch of made-up bands.

Festival attendees got excited about hearing the latest music from Mary Kate and Nasty, Eddie and His Man Purse and Wiz Khalifa's younger brother, Cheese Wiz Khalifa. Some even went so far as to choose their favorite song and describe the artists' (nonexistent) musical sounds.

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Watch pedestrians get duped in the full segment below.