Watch Taylor Swift Explain Her Fear of Sea Urchins and Getting Framed for Murder

Taylor Swift Ellen H 2014
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Taylor Swift Ellen H 2014

Ahead of Taylor Swift's coaching stint on The Voice next week, the singer will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday to perform "Shake It Off," and "Out Of The Woods" for the first time, both off her upcoming album 1989.

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While also co-starring with Ellen DeGeneres (and a ton of cat memorabilia) in the first episode of what they're calling "Kitty Corner," Swift also dishes on her irrational fears and that of those on the NBC singing show. Apparently, one particular coach hates musical theater songs. "If you sing songs from Rent, you can actually render Adam Levine helpless on the floor," she explains. "He can’t even run away because he’s so weak!"

Her own weakness isn't exactly logical either. "If you knew what sea urchins were, you'd be terrified," she says, cringing. "They're like a grenade — they're sitting there, waiting to completely injure you!"

Even more so, she's afraid of getting framed and arrested. "Look at me, I wouldn’t survive in jail!" she admits. "I think it comes from the fact that I could open up my phone, I could look at my phone and see any headline written about me at any time, and it could be the most ridiculously untrue thing. So I think the dream and nightmare of being framed comes from. I could do nothing wrong, I could sit in my house with the cats all day and somehow there could be an article about me buying a house in a place I've never been or dating a guy I've never met. But then you take it a step further and in a nightmare world it's being framed for murder."

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