Watch the Teaser for Hulu's Hugh Laurie Thriller 'Chance'

"As a gambler, my instinct is to walk away from the table after even a modest win," said the former 'House' star of his return to television. "And yet I find myself coming back."
David Moir/Hulu
Hugh Laurie in 'Chance'

Hugh Laurie is returning to television again in Hulu's psychological thriller Chance, and now the streamer is offering a first look at the drama.

"As a gambler, my instinct is to walk away from the table after even a modest win. So 25 bucks would normally see me out the door," the former House star said the Television Critic's Association summer press tour on Friday about his penchant for TV. "And yet I find myself coming back, drawn by a wonderful project that was simply irresistible."

In the series, based on the novel of the same name from Kem Nunn, Laurie plays a doctor — but more specifically a forensic neuropsychiatrist who reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness.

When asked whether the shortened episode order on the streamer (Hulu ordered two seasons of the drama with 10 episodes each) helped draw him to the project, Laurie replied that it was more about the story they were telling than the actual volume.

"Generally speaking, the older form of television is about the central characters kind of remaining the same, while the surrounding characters changed — as opposed to film where certain character transform," he explained. "In this, we're doing something rather different. We ... see a genuine and rather profound transformation in a number of characters who are unrecognizable at the end from where they started."

Watch the teaser below: