TV Trailer Watch: 'American Princess' Has a Breakdown at the Renn Faire

American Princess cast-Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Lifetime

Welcome to Trailer Watch, a regular feature that helps put the spotlight on series that may fly under the radar in the crowded Peak TV landscape. Each installment will explain what the show is and why it looks interesting. This week it's Lifetime's new Renn Faire-set dramedy, American Princess.

Lifetime has broken out of its reality show and made-for-TV movie comfort zone of late with the darkly comedic You, which became a Netflix smash during a second window deal and was later picked up by the streamer for a second season. Now the cable channel is adding to its original programming roster with a comedy-drama about a young woman who has a nervous breakdown and ends up running away to join the local Renaissance Faire.

American Princess stars relative newcomer Georgia Flood (Wentworth) as Amanda, a wealthy socialite who has a nervous breakdown after discovering her soon-to-be husband in a very compromising position on their wedding day. After a "mini-bender," the devastated Amanda finds herself in the dusty wilds of the Royal Renaissance Faire. Realizing her life as she knows it is over, Amanda decides that she's going to become a part of the raunchy re-enactment community.

Flood is joined by a host of unusual new friends as she embraces life as a Renn Faire wench. Lucas Neff (Raising Hope) plays her new potential love interest, David, a brawny thespian who recites Shakespeare in a mudpit, and Rory O’Malley (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) takes on the role of Brian, the Faire's very own Bard. The group offers Amanda an escape from the encroaching ramifications of cancelling her high-profile wedding, which it seems has made the papers. Unsurprisingly, her Upper East Side family and friends are less than happy with her unconventional and lowly new career path.

The trailer showcases a humor that embraces the silliness of the premise and offers a feel-good story wrapped in a rambunctious comedy about the weird world of historical re-enactment. With the explosion of geek and niche interests dominating pop culture, it makes sense that someone is delving into the unique and very popular passion for dressing up in ye olde clothes and getting tipsy in recreational spaces.

Created by writer and actress Jamie Denbo and executive produced by the team behind Orange is the New Black and GLOW — Jenji Kohan, Tara Herrmann and Mark A. Burley — American Princess looks like a strange and silly foray into a very American pastime that aims to juggle the humor of the set-up with an interesting exploration of loss, friendship and finding yourself. Lifetime could have something interesting on their hands with a team that's pretty well-versed in making the unusual vastly relatable and very, very funny.

American Princess premieres June 2 on Lifetime.