Watch TruTV's 'Billy on the Street' New Season Promo Featuring Chris Pratt, Tina Fey, Julianne Moore

'Billy on the Street' airs Oct. 8 on TruTV.
Courtesy Turner
Chris Pratt and Billy Eichner

TruTV released its new Billy on the Street season 4 promo Thursday, featuring host Billy Eichner collaborating with famous faces including Chris Pratt, Tina Fey and Julianne Moore.

Bedecked in his signature green t-shirt and royal blue zip-up hoodie, Eichner took to the streets of New York to continue his testing of pedestrians' knowledge on pop culture.

"Hey guys, this is Billy Eichner coming to TruTV this fall," Eichner began the video before footage showed him asking a man to spin in circles to prove his excitement for the new Spectre film.

Throughout the minute-and-a-half promo, Pratt, Anna Kendrick, Jason Sudeikis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Hader, Moore and Fey joined the Emmy-nominated host in answering questions and approaching passersby on the city's streets. 

Turner Broadcasting secured the right's of Eichner's show in February 2015 to air season 4's 10 episodes on TruTV.

Billy on the Street airs Oct. 8 on TruTv.