Watch Usher, Nick Jonas and Jeff Daniels Do Battle in 'Tonight Show' Pyramid Game

Nick Jonas is clearly not a movie buff
Usher, Jeff Daniels, Jimmy Fallon and Nick Jonas

A couple of big-name music stars dropped by the Tonight Show to prove their Pyramid Game mettle. 

Usher teamed up with guest Jeff Daniels, while Nick Jonas partnered with Jimmy Fallon during the guessing-game segment on Monday's episode.

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The bit gave Dumb and Dumber To star Daniels the chance to twerk (or at least give his best interpretation). The match also proved that Jonas is not the most voracious movie watcher. 

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"I'm sure if you gave me episodes of SpongeBob, we would have got all of them," Fallon griped about his much-younger partner after Jonas wasn't able to identify a single gangster film. 

Find out whether Jonas and Fallon were able to make a comeback in the video below. 

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