Stephen Colbert Begs 'Veep' to Stop Destroying America in 'Late Show' Crossover

VEEP Season 7 Still 4 - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of HBO

Veep welcomed a new guest star on Thursday night when superfan Stephen Colbert popped into the HBO political comedy's universe.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her co-stars filmed a special cold open for The Late Show, which played out like a bonus scene of the HBO political comedy — until Colbert transported himself into Selina Meyer's headquarters. 

Written by Veep's writers and directed by showrunner David Mandel, the scene picked up, theoretically, after the events of Sunday's penultimate episode of the final season. After watching Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) push his eerily timely anti-vax message during a Pennsylvania rally (a scene that aired on Sunday), the cold open showed Selina (Louis-Dreyfus) — who is campaigning against Ryan for their party's nomination for the presidency — plotting her next move with staffers Ben Cafferty (Kevin Dunn) and Kent Davison (Gary Cole), bagman Gary Walsh (Tony Hale), and former staffers Richard Splett (Sam Richardson), Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky) and Mike McLintock (Matt Walsh).

"We need to give the American voters what they want — in like an unpopular minority that they can blame for all their problems," suggests a desperate Selina, to which Kent replies, "Very Hitler-esque, ma'am."

That's when Colbert appears to yell, "Stop! I beg you, stop!"

"Who in the intergalactic fuck are you?" asks Selina.

"My name is Stephen Colbert and I come from a different dimension," he explains. "The things that you're doing on this earth then happen in my world, over and over again."

The joke is a reference to the endless amount of prescient storylines that have played out on Veep, especially in the final season, either before or as they are happening in the real world. Colbert proceeds to list some examples: "Foul-mouthed president who tweets like a child, blaming everything on the Chinese. Election interference. A completely moronic press secretary. Anti-daylight savings time laws" — which Kent interjects to correct to daylight saving — "700 measles cases and rising. You are killing my world!"

In typical Veep fashion, Selina and her gang couldn't care less about their impact on humanity. Instead of hearing Colbert's warning, they take the opportunity to launch some Jonah Ryan-sized insults at the late-night host by calling him "Where's Waldo's pedophile brother" and "another 85 pounds of generic white male mediocrity that shops at the lesbian warehouse."

Selina ends the scene by mocking Colbert's "America is in danger" plea and deadpanning, "Seriously, you look like Letterman took the least funny dump of his life into a child suit!"

Colbert later welcomed 10 members of the ensemble cast onto the show as guests, including all the participants in the cold open as well as Simons, Sarah Sutherland (Catherine Meyer) and Clea DuVall (Marjorie Palmiotti). Reid Scott (Dan Egan) was the only main castmember missing.

The cast reminisced about the last seven years while discussing some of their most memorable scenes and revealing who has the foulest mouth in real life (the title goes to Louis-Dreyfus). Colbert also played an exclusive clip from the series finale, which Louis-Dreyfus said is her favorite episode of the entire series. The scene showed a meeting of all the potential candidates arguing about the state of the party's convention — and the explicit clip included five bleeps.

The Late Show visit marks the cast's final appearance heading into Sunday's supersized finale, which airs at 10:50 p.m. on HBO and runs for 45 minutes. Check back in for THR's finale coverage with Mandel here.