'Web Therapy' EP Dan Bucatinsky Previews Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow's Reunion (Video)

The star and exec producer gives THR some behind the scenes dish on the "Friends" star's guest appearance on the Showtime series.

Web Therapy stages a mini Friends reunion on Tuesday’s episode when Courteney Cox guest stars on the Showtime series.

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Star and executive producer, Dan Bucatinsky, gives us a preview of what to expect when Cox plays a psychic opposite Kudrow’s opportunistic therapist.

The Hollywood Reporter: How does Cox’s character enter the series?

Dan Bucatinsky: Courteney’s character is an online physic and it’s sort of a funny head to head between online therapist and online psychic. Neither one of which has any belief or faith in the other one’s abilities. But, what’s interesting is we start to learn that in fact Courteney’s character does seem to be reading a lot into the true past of Fiona and her childhood, her childhood pony, and her childhood weight issues. I don’t want give too much away, but Courteney’s character winds up with an opportunity to go on television as an online professional and Fiona tries to piggyback onto that opportunity. So, it’s all part of the larger arc of the season of Fiona trying to promote herself and her business.

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THR: The show does a lot of web chatting. How was that all done with Cox on-set?

Bucatinsky: The time that Courteney shot we were shooting in our office. So, we set dressed one of the offices one way and we set dressed another office another way and all of us have a teleprompter that shows the other actor on it and a little earpiece like they wear on the morning talk shows. We improvise and shoot in real time. So, Courteney was upstairs and Lisa was downstairs and they were acting in real time together. It was very funny. It was a fun reunion, too. We shot that a couple of years ago and it was the same year that Lisa guested on Cougar Town. So, they both sort of got a little fix of getting to work with each other on each other’s shows.

Web Therapy airs Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on Showtime.

Watch a preview of Cox’s guest turn below.

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