'Web Therapy' EP and Star Dan Bucatinsky on How They Keep Viewers Rooting for Fiona

The series co-creator and actor explains how audiences can still get behind Lisa Kudrow's shifty character.
Dan Bucatinsky on Showtime's "Web Therapy."

There’s no doubt that Showtime kept to its formula for its series when it added Lisa Kudrow’s new show, Web Therapy, to its slate. It carries their “antiheroes” calling card that’s also represented in their other shows, such as Dexter and Weeds.

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“I don’t know whether we did that deliberately or not,” Dan Bucatinsky, who plays Jerome and co-created the series, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I feel like clearly we knew she was sort of a despicable, untrained, uncredentialed, ruthless, self involved and very self-serving individual who is very opinionated.”

“So, Lisa said that part of the fun of this character was somebody who spoke her mind,” he continues. “And didn’t quite care too much what people thought of her. Part of the fun of it, as well, was sort of creating a character that is so unlikable.”

In the series, co-creator and lead actress, Kudrow, plays Fiona, a therapist who believes she has found the next generation of counseling in three-minute webcam sessions.

Bucatinsky says that as the series was adapted from its original web version for the network – with longer episodes and more characters -- the audience has a better chance of rooting for Fiona.

“In creating characters like her husband and her mother,” he says. “Those were the opportunities where you see a little bit more of a crack in the veneer. You see a little bit of what makes her tick and what sets her off and where she’s vulnerable even if she doesn’t show it that well.”

In upcoming episodes, we’ll definitely discover reasons to pity Fiona. She will find out some family secrets about her husband, Kip (Victor Garber), and her mother (Lily Tomlin) that will present challenges to her business plans.

“Everything, every aspect of her life starts to feel like she’s losing grasp on it,” Bucatinsky tells us, though he hints that her luck will change. 

“A lot happens in the next five [episodes] for sure,” he says.

Web Therapy airs Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on Showtime.


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