New 'Weeds' Season 8 Teaser Tracks Nancy's Wicked Ways (Video)

Weeds Showtime Sniper - H 2012

Weeds Showtime Sniper

The seventh season finale of Showtime's Weeds ended with a gunshot fired at Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and her Botwin brood just as they thought they had gotten away from their dangerous life. When Season 8 returns on July 1, we’ll learn who was shot and who was behind that sniper rifle.

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In a new teaser video, Showtime takes us through Nancy’s various evolutions of the first seven seasons and the people she crossed along the way. Who took a shot at Nancy and her family? Creator Jenji Kohan gave some clues in a recent video interview.

"In the end, someone's out to kill Nancy," Kohan says. "And I think the question is, who is that in the bushes? We certainly know who it is, and the audience may or may not figure it out. It's something from seasons past. You gotta do a little digging. Nancy has left a mess in her wake, and the past always comes back to haunt you."

Watch the new teaser below.

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