Week in 'Game of Thrones': Everything to Know Before the Season 7 Finale

The Hollywood Reporter rounds up the past week in 'Thrones' news, including our own interviews with the cast and deep dives into the episode.
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'Game of Thrones'

So ... that was fast.

The accelerated timeline this year on HBO's Game of Thrones doesn't apply only to the events of the episodes themselves, but also to the pace at which the episodes were consumed. After only six weeks, we're already at the end of the line for season seven, with just one episode left until the show's final run — which means, seven episodes in total before the curtain comes down on the series for good. Savor every minute until then.

With Game of Thrones poised to wrap its run this season this very weekend, there's no time like the present to catch up on where everything stands heading into the finale. Here is all of The Hollywood Reporter's coverage from this past week in Thrones, from interviews with the director and actors involved in "Beyond the Wall," to previews of the finale itself, complete with teases from the cast and predictions from yours truly.

News From Westeros
How the Deadly "Beyond the Wall" Sets Up the Season 7 Finale
• Benioff and Weiss Explain The Death of the Dragon
HBO Announces Season 7 Finale Title and Run Time

Richard Dormer on Defying Death Once Again
Iain Glen on the Targaryen Army's Devastating Loss
Kristofer Hivju on Tormund's Chaotic Moment
Director Alan Taylor on Bringing Down a Dragon

Deep Dives
Podcast: A Closer Look at a New Jon Snow Mystery
• Seven Key Moments From "Beyond the Wall"
What That Devastating Death Means for the Series Finale
The Historic Moment That Could Redefine Everything

The Next Episode
The Cast Previews Season 7's Final Episode
Predictions for the Season 7 Finale
What to Expect From the Season 7 Finale, Based on the Trailer
What to Expect From the Season 7 Finale, Based on the Photos
• The Game of Thrones Finale, And 7 Other Things to Watch This Weekend

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