The Week in Satire: John Oliver Returns to 'Daily Show,' Bill Maher Might Vote for Rand Paul and More

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Jon Stewart goes all in on Rosewater, Bill Maher might vote for Rand Paul and John Oliver revisits an old role this week in satire, which was supported by news of President Obama’s sweeping climate change deal with China and ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, and maybe a few surprises.

“Oscar the statue, will open his arms and embrace Steve Carell,” Jon Stewart said Monday of The Foxcatcher star and former Daily Show correspondent Monday.  Carell has been riding the Oscar buzz for his latest role. Carell in turn had praise for Stewart’s film Rosewater in what was a self-described “fawn off” between the two old friends.

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“You were here for three years, I never thought you were talented! Why didn’t you say anything?” Stewart joked.

“I tried but you never listened to me!” Carell replied.

President Obama’s agreement with China on carbon emissions was also a topic of discussion on Wednesday, as Stewart had mocked Obama’s trip to Asia for the APEC summit as recently as Tuesday for being unlikely to yield anything concrete. During the week, Stewart also covered the continuing battle with ISIS, and how the illicit ivory trade is contributing to the problem, and welcomed Bruce Springsteen, Frank Caruso, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. With the first season of Last Week Tonight over, John Oliver was also on hand Thursday to guest host The Daily Show in a special episode promoting Rosewater, with Oliver interviewing Maziar Bahari, who’s story the movie is based and actor Gael Garcia Bernal, who portrays him.

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Bill Maher made waves on Friday's Real Time when indicating that he may support Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a republican, because of the senator’s outreach on issues such as drug sentencing reform and military intervention overseas. Maher also remarked on Obama’s productive week, citing progress on climate change, net neutrality and the looming executive action on immigration.

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“Suddenly he’s an episode of the West Wing,” Maher said, before channeling his inner Jed Bartlett.