The Week in Satire: Jon Stewart and Bill Maher Tackle Bill Cosby Scandal

Stewart also spent some time hitting on Benedict Cumberbatch
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The holidays are coming, and with them awards season. Along with President Obama’s action on immigration and the Bill Cosby sexual abuse allegations, there was plenty to discuss last week in satire.

Jon Stewart welcomed Benedict Cumberbatch, Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, quipping “All week I’ve been having actors on from movies that people want to see more than mine.” His film, Rosewater, is currently in select theaters. Tuesday, Stewart channeled his inner fan girl, saying to Cumberbatch “I want to rip your clothes off and sell them on eBay. It’s upsetting to me."

Of course, there was news beyond Hollywood. Stewart joked that Obama went solo on immigration “because there are no Democrats left in Washington” after the midterm election bloodbath. He also called out Democrats who supported the Keystone oil pipeline, comparing the project to embattled comedian Bill Cosby.

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“Trans Canada can’t just lay pipe anywhere it wants to without permission,” Stewart said. “It’s not Bill Cosby.”

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Stewart also was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on Thursday in support of Rosewater, making his first appearance on The Colbert Report just weeks before his former protege signs off Comedy Central on Dec. 18.

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The Colbert Report
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In the season finale of Real Time on Friday, Bill Maher also tackled immigration, calling the debate between Democrats and Republicans literally “a Mexican standoff.” Maher also agreed with Obamacare consultant Jonathan Gruber, who set off a firestorm after calling American voters stupid. The panel, which consisted of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, journalist/Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland and CNN contributor Roland Martin, also spoke about the Cosby allegations. Maher said the claims made sense, citing that America used to be a very different place, where victims had little recourse to come forward when victimized by powerful men. Maher also took the opportunity to share his three-point plan for saving Christmas: Shorten the season, restrict conversation and get rid of the gifts. Seth Rogen made an appearance to talk about the inspiration behind his latest project, The Interview. Maher and Rogen also bonded over their shared love of drugs and how they competed for High Times magazine’s “Stoner of the Year" award. Real Time will return Jan. 9