Weezer, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Perform "Take On Me" With Classroom Instruments

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy - Fallon and Weezer during Classroom Instruments -Episode 1023 - Publicity-H 2019



Weezer, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots joined forces to give A-ha's hit "Take On Me" the classroom-instrument treatment on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The clip opened with the two bands and Fallon in a filter that made them appear as black-and-white pencil-sketch animations. The visual is a call back to the song's 1985 music video, which was split between animation and live-action clips.

The performance began when Fallon pressed a button for a sound synthesizer to play, and percussion soon picked up. The band members all donned retro clothes for the performance. Fallon and Weezer's frontman Rivers Cuomo sported New Wave hairstyles that featured blonde-streaked bangs.

Cuomo took charge and sang the song's vocals as Fallon played the wood block. Other classroom instruments that were played throughout the performance included a shaker, toy xylophone, tambourine, bongos, ukulele, floor tom and melodica.

Fallon joined Cuomo to sing the chorus, while the rest of the band members joined in every time the phrase "Take on me" was sung. The musicians frequently bobbed their heads to the beat of the song.

The filter used in the beginning of the clip was used sporadically throughout the performance to pay homage to the song's music video.

Weezer's version of "Take On Me" is featured on the band's recently released self-titled LP, which is also known as The Teal Album.

Watch the full classroom instruments segment below.