Wendell Pierce Collects Kids' Crime Reports Long After 'The Wire' (Video)

Wendell Pierce on Arsenio Hall - H 2014

Wendell Pierce on Arsenio Hall - H 2014

Wendell Pierce may play an NBC producer on The Michael J. Fox Show, but many young fans of The Wire -- particularly those in Baltimore -- can't let go of his years spent playing detective William Moreland.

"They go, Bunk! Can I call you Bunk?" he said while on Arsenio on Monday. "When I was in Baltimore, they're like, 'Hey man, you 5-0, right? My man, I think he about to steal my car!"

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After Pierce clarified that he was an actor, the fan replied, "'Oh man, you dress like a police man though!'"

Pierce also noted to Arsenio Hall that when filming 1993's Homicide: Life on the Street, a man accidentally ran on set after robbing a drugstore two blocks away. When he saw Pierce and his co-stars, he threw his hands up in defeat, surrendering for arrest. "They didn't know what to do, so they put the cuffs on him and waited for the real cops to come," he revealed.

Watch his explanation in the clip below:

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