Wendy Williams Welcomes New Fan John Oliver, Shares Doritos and Caviar

A little over a week after John Oliver declared his love for Wendy Williams on HBO's Last Week Tonight, the late night host appeared on her daytime show to try Doritos dipped in caviar and to talk about their mutual love of The Real Housewives of New York.

Last week, Oliver on his own show praised the new "safer at home"-inspired iteration of Wendy Williams' syndicated show, now being called Wendy @ Home. Calling it "an oasis of truth in a world full of lies," Oliver noted his enjoyment of watching Williams eating an eclectic mix of food items on camera, including a lamb chop, and also noted that he'd tracked down a tracksuit that Williams said on-air that she wanted, to send to her as a gift.

On Tuesday's Wendy @ Home, Oliver — who appeared with a mustache and scruffy beard — and Williams each donned said tracksuits, as Oliver also showed off two gifts that Williams had sent him: a painting by Michael Lee of Williams holding a lamb chop and a plate of Doritos and caviar — a favorite of hers that, yes, she encouraged him to eat with her. 

Oliver noted he wasn't a fan of either Doritos or caviar on their own. And, after dipping the chip into the caviar and tasting the unusual combination, his assessment was: "Wow. It's a lot, isn't it? It's a lot."

"A flavor," she agreed.

"Well, it's not just one flavor, Wendy," Oliver said. "It's almost all of the flavors, coming at you like a sensory tornado."

Williams then asked Oliver if, like her, he felt "invaded upon" as he films his show from his home, and he noted that's the reason he films with a white background. "That's why I kind of just sealed people off, so that it was just, you get me, and you get none of my life," he said, adding that his home does not feature the same decor as Williams' does, including a life-size Betty Boop and other unique items.

Williams also asked if Oliver's young children hear him "cursing up a storm" while he's filming. He said his strategy is to turn up the volume on the TV show they are watching and "then I go to a room and basically swear for half an hour. So I think if they have any memory of this quarantine time, it's gonna be that Dad occasionally went to a room and then screamed. So that's what I do. I come in here, and I speak appallingly. And I hope they don't hear any of it."

They also talked about their favorite castmembers on The Real Housewives of New York and made plans to meet up in person after the threat of the coronavirus pandemic passes.

Watch the interview below.