West Hollywood Theater Takes on 'Game of Thrones: The Musical!'

Courtesy of Macha Theatre

Game of Thrones fans jonesing for some Jon Snow during an extended HBO offseason can get their fix courtesy of a small theater in West(eros) Hollywood.

Through March 12, Game of Thrones: The Musical! — A Song of Nice Satire is taking over Macha Theatre. George R.R. Martin narrates the show in rhyme, obviously, and several fan-favorite heroes and villains have been resurrected for the play — which offers a clever mix of first-season (or book, if you're so inclined) storylines, snarky pop culture references and not-so-subtle foreshadowing. 

Without spoiling too many surprises, theatergoers can look forward to a Dothraki love song, a full-body direwolf suit and more than one reference to a certain politician who wants to build a wall. There are also nerd culture nods, a morphing angsty teen and multiple HBO barbs.

There are 12 musical numbers in total, including a fun Tyrion Lannister-led song called "You Can't Kill Me" — which serves as both a love letter and dare to the series' author — complete with rapping and glowing tambourines.

Jon Snow, on the other hand, isn't so beloved. He doesn't get a solo and is the target of a barrage of F-bombs from virtually the entire cast. Although — not-spoiler alert — Ned Stark fares worse. 

Performances are split between two groups of actors, several of whom play multiple roles in the show. The House Targaryen cast performs Saturday and Sunday evenings, while the House Lannister cast performs Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Tickets are $30 online and $35 at the door. 

Note: If you need to visit the porcelain throne during intermission, listen when the staff tells you to head over to Hugo's restaurant next door.