'The West Wing' Cast Reunites to 'Walk and Talk' for Michigan Nonpartisan Candidate (Video)

Martin Sheen as Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet

Martin Sheen played Democratic President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet in Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing. The series began one year into the Bartlet presidency and lasted for seven seasons, ending with his successor (played by Jimmy Smits) getting elected and taking office.

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Someone remind us why we can’t vote for President Bartlet, again?

The cast of NBC's The West Wing reunited to shoot two videos to help Bridget Mary McCormack, a nonpartisan candidate for Michigan's Supreme Court, in her election bid.

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McCormack's sister happens to be Mary McCormack, who played deputy national security adviser Kate Harper on the long-running NBC television series, created by Aaron Sorkin.

The four-minute video highlights include riffs on Sorkin's famous "walk and talks," Martin Sheen screaming, "It's an apocalypse now?!" (a reference to the Francis Ford Coppola film he starred in), and Bradley Whitford's self-deprecating humor, describing himself as a "movie-star handsome Louie CK." (Which is pretty dead on.)

In addition to Mary McCormack, Sheen and Whitford, the video features Joshua Malina, Janel Moloney, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Melissa Fitzgerald and Lily Tomlin, all reprising their respective roles on the show. Notably absent were John Spencer, who passed away in 2005, and Dulé Hill, who, according to McCormack, was out of town for the filming.

According to McCormack's Twitter feed, the videos were written by John Cockrell and Kate Stayman-London.

The videos were paid for by "The Bridget Mary McCormack for Justice Campaign" in an effort to boost voter turn out and to bring awareness to the nonpartisan ballot. One video focuses on the issues while the other endorses McCormack.

This isn't the first time The West Wing cast has reunited. Earlier this year, members of the cast, including Janney, Sheen, Hill, Malina, Fitzgerald and William Duffy shot a comedy video for Funny or Die

Watch the video below: