Week in 'Westworld': Breaking Down the Huge "Phase Space" Game-Changer

The Hollywood Reporter rounds up the past week's news, interviews and more about Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's genre-bending HBO drama.
John P. Johnson/HBO

"Hello, old friend."

With the addition of a single word, Westworld managed to snatch one of the signature catchphrases from USA Network's Mr. Robot and wield it in transformative fashion. It's the announcement of a lost character's proud return: Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), shot to death in season one, now digitally resurrected inside the Cradle at the heart of the park.

Given the seismic nature of the event, it's not a surprise that much of The Hollywood Reporter coverage about this past week in Westworld centered on Hopkins' return to the series. Read on for our roundup on everything we wrote about the Ford twist and more:

• Westworld Features Reunions Old and New With "Phase Space": Why was Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) tasked with building a special control unit? The answer seemingly manifests itself at the end of "Phase Space," as Ford returns in the form of a digital ghost. Our recap of the episode chronicles that huge moment and more.

How That Shocking Return Opens the Door for Even More Questions: Ford's back in action, but what happens next? That's anyone's guess. Indeed, we have some questions in that regard, listed in our breakout on the night Ford sprung back to life.

How Westworld Paved the Way for That "Phase Space" Shocker: While the twist is most assuredly a shock to the system, it's not without some foreshadowing. Here, we run down some of the ways in which Westworld set the stage for Ford's resurrection. 

• Thandie Newton on the Shogun World Arc's Impact Moving Forward: Beyond the Ford of it all, "Phase Space" phased out Shogun World, after only two episodes spent in the park. What did we learn during our time on this side quest? Thandie Newton weighs in with her answer.

How Shogun World Changed in "Phase Space": For another perspective on Shogun World, look no further than Leonardo Nam, the actor who plays lab technician Felix Lutz. As he tells THR: "Shogun World was, in a way, a bottle episode, and it really shows that there are so many sides and facets to this world."

Podcast | "Phase Space" Changes Park Perspectives and Aspects: In "Phase Space," a new feature within the park came into sharp focus: the Cradle, which seemingly houses the digitally reborn Ford. Our weekly "Welcome to Westworld" podcast dives deeper into this critical new element, among other topics.

• Westworld Sneak Peek Sees Jeffrey Wright Through Different Eyes: Looking ahead at "Les Ecorches," the seventh episode of season two, we see a bevy of Bernards, making it clear to the folks in his immediate orbit  that he's not the brilliant human they thought they knew.

Old Friends Reunite in New Season 2 Photos: Finally, Ford's full-blown return is seen in the first photos for "Les Ecorches," still seated at the piano with his pet Jock beside him. How will the reunion between Bernard and Ford play out? Only a matter of hours before we find out.

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