'Westworld' Guide: The Definitive Resource for Season 2

Read the entirety of The Hollywood Reporter's coverage of the second season of 'Westworld.'
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Humans are simple creatures, brief algorithms, little more than 10 thousand lines. At least, that's the case if you accept the artificial intelligence at the heart of HBO's Westworld at face value.

Here's another number to throw your way: 98. Considerably less than the figure Faux Logan (Ben Barnes) tosses out to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) during their stroll through the Forge in the season two finale, "The Passenger," but still a staggering number in its proper context. In this case, 98 refers to the number of Westworld articles we rolled out on The Hollywood Reporter all season long, as we chronicled the days and weeks leading up to the season premiere, all through the fallout from the game-changing finale.

Not quite ready to do the full re-watch of season two, but still want to relive as much of its glory as possible? We have you covered. Here, you'll find every single Westworld article from the past season of coverage, collected in one handy location. Consider it your library of resources — or "weapon," if you prefer Dolores' way of looking at things — as you begin the process of getting up to speed before the show returns for its third season.

Episode one: "Journey Into Night"

Westworld Creators Troll Internet With Season 2 "Spoiler" Video
Westworld Season 2 | TV Review
• Where Everyone Left Off and What's Next
Welcome to Westworld: Inside the HBO Drama's Season 2 Hollywood Premiere
• Westworld Creators Set Futuristic Drama Series The Peripheral at Amazon
• Voices From the Future Preview the Premiere
Westworld Launches Season 2 With Violent Revolution and Revelations
• Westworld Star on Subverting Expectations With His "Empowering" Nude Scene
• Westworld Creators Explain Season 2 Premiere's "Unreliable" Time Twist
• What the Season 2 Premiere's Violent Ending Means for the Future
How Westworld Is Playing With Time (Again) in Season 2
• 18 Key Scenes for the Rest of Season 2
• 11 Burning Questions From the Season 2 Premiere
What the New Opening Credits Sequence Reveals About Season 2
Westworld Promises a Highly Anticipated "Reunion" in New Season 2 Photos
• Westworld Podcast: A Deeper Dive Into Season 2's Dizzying First Scene

Episode two: "Reunion"

• The Park's True Purpose Stands Revealed
• What That Secret "Weapon" Means for Season 2
• How That Big "Bad" Cameo Came to Life
• Has Westworld Blasted One Major Theory Out of the Sky?
• Another Major Reunion is Coming Next
• Evan Rachel Wood Previews "Chilling" New Mystery
• How Jimmi Simpson Became Season 2's "Dark Element"
• Westworld Renewed For Season 3
• Season 2 Shoots Into War With New Photos
• Westworld Podcast | A Closer Look at the Ghost in the Machine
• Ben Barnes on Season 2's Confusing Timeline

Episode three: "Virtú e Fortuna"

• Westworld Subverts Shogun World Expectations With a Clever Detour
• Evan Rachel Wood on That "Gruesome," "Unpredictable" War Scene
• Who Is the Park's New Action Hero?
• Welcome to the Raj
• PETA Blasts HBO Over Depiction of Elephants
• How Westworld Is Putting a Major Tragedy in Motion
• Louis Herthum Discusses His Secretive Season 2 Narrative
• Podcast | Breaking Down That "Oh My God" Moment
• Westworld Sets Up Deadly New Mystery: "Death Is Always True"
• A Disturbing Nightmare Lies Ahead

Episode four: "The Riddle of the Sphinx"

• "Riddle of the Sphinx" Recap
• Katja Herbers Explains Her Character's Real Purpose: "She's on a Mission"
• Ed Harris on the Man in Black's Shocking Moment of Heroism
• Jonathan Tucker on Working With His "Role Model" Ed Harris
• Shannon Woodward Breaks Down Her Action-Packed Comeback
How the Shocking Robot Reveal Could Impact the Future
• Podcast: What "One Good Deed" Reveals About the Future
• "Akane No Mai" Trailer Pulls the Curtain Back on Shogun World
Shogun World First Look Welcomes Hiroyuki Sanada, Rinko Kikuchi to the Cast

Episode five: "Akane No Mai"

• "Akane No Mai" Recap
• Shogun World and the Secret of the Witch
• How Thandie Newton Conquered "Terror" Heading Into Shogun World
Hiroyuki Sanada Breaks Down Shogun World Debut
Welcome to Shogun World
• "Akane No Mai" Podcast
• Evan Rachel Wood Explains That "Horrible" Twist
• James Marsden Strikes a Menacing Pose in "Phase Space" Photos
"Phase Space" Sneak Peek Hints at Huge Theory About Jeffrey Wright

Episode six: "Phase Space"

• Westworld Features Reunions Old and New With "Phase Space"
• How That Shocking Return Opens the Door for Even More Questions
• How Westworld Paved the Way for That "Phase Space" Shocker
• Thandie Newton on the Shogun World Arc's Impact Moving Forward
• How Shogun World Changed in "Phase Space"
• Podcast | "Phase Space" Changes Park Perspectives and Aspects
• Westworld Sneak Peek Sees Jeffrey Wright Through Different Eyes
• Old Friends Reunite in New Season 2 Photos

Episode seven: "Les Écorchés"

"Les Écorchés" Recap
• What Season Two Just Revealed About its Digital End Game
• Jeffrey Wright on the New Anthony Hopkins Era
• Louis Hethum on His Farewell Scene
• James Marsden on Breaking Bad in Season Two
• "Les Écorchés" Podcast
• "Kiksuya" Preview
• "Kiksuya" Photos

Episode eight: "Kiksuya"

• "Kiksuya" Recap
• What "Kiksuya" Confirms About Season 2
• Zahn McClarnon ("Akecheta") Interview
• Carly Wray ("Kiksuya" co-writer) Interview
• "Kiksuya" Podcast
• "Vanishing Point" Preview
"Vanishing Point" Photos

Episode nine: "Vanishing Point"

• "Vanishing Point" recap
• Katja Herbers interview
• Sela Ward interview
Jeffrey Wright interview
• "Vanishing Point" podcast
"The Passenger" preview
• "The Passenger" photos
• Season finale primer

Episode 10: "The Passenger"

• "The Passenger" Recap
• The Post-Credits Scene, Explained
• The Valley Beyond, Explained
• Lisa Joy Interview
• Jeffrey Wright Interview
• Tessa Thompson Interview
• Shannon Woodward Interview
• Season 2 Death Watch
• Burning Questions for Season 3
• "The Passenger" Podcast
• Critic's Notebook Takes on the Finale
• Every Single Westworld Episode, Ranked

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