'Westworld' Podcast: Breaking Down That "Oh My God" Moment

Westworld Episode 203 Still 3 - Publicity - H 2018
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[This story contains spoilers for season two, episode three of HBO's Westworld, called "Virtu e Fortuna."]

"Oh my god."

Whatever it is that's currently kicking around inside of Peter Abernathy's head, it's jarring enough to produce such an extreme reaction from host-studying host Bernard Lowe. In the latest episode of Westworld, everyone's favorite bespectacled behaviorist examined the contents of the renegade rancher's code, only to discover something so dramatically revealing that it caused the normally even-keeled Bernard to take a moment of pause.

What's happening with Abernathy? It's one of the biggest questions on the board as we continue to cruise through season two of the twisting HBO drama, as the character played by Louis Herthum has become one of the most prized people (or possessions, depending on the seeker's outlook) in the park. Leading theories about Delos' true motivations involve an elaborate scheme to sell guests' data, or use their experiences as blackmail outside of the park. Given the thin layer of personality masking massive amounts of information, and given Bernard's reaction to seeing the information for himself, should we assume Abernathy has the veritable private browsing data of every single Westworld guest at his disposal?

For his part, when speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about what's happening with his character, Herthum himself was expectedly coy: "Bring it on," was the summary of how he responded when he finally learned the answer. Until we know the answer for ourselves, the speculation game will remain in full swing, in the form of Welcome to Westworld, the THR Post Show Recaps podcast from hosts Josh Wigler (THR's Westworld beat reporter) and Jo Garfein (founder of the nonprofit Cancer Gets LOST). In addition to the curious case of Peter Abernathy, Josh and Jo's discussion this week involves:

• Our first trip to The Raj, the newest park in the greater Westworld area.

• Theories about Grace, the new character played by Katja Herbers.

• A walk through the war scene between Dolores' army and the QA forces.

• The increasing tension between Teddy and Dolores.

• And more!

Listen to the podcast in the player below.

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