'Westworld' Podcast: What "Kiksuya" Revealed About "The Door"

Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) opens up a brave new world, as discussed in THR's latest 'Westworld' podcast.
Courtesy of HBO

"I believe there is a door, hidden in this place. A door to a new world. And that world may contain everything that we have lost — including her."

Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) lays out his philosophy about the park and his people's journey toward consciousness while speaking with Westworld mastermind Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the two of them standing in the cold night, surrounded by lights. The comments are made while he's in analysis mode; whether or not his feelings lead to something true, we at least know Akecheta fully believes in his idea.

That said, there's every reason to believe that Akecheta's assessment of "The Door," the not-so-secret codename for season two of HBO's Westworld, is an accurate one. There's little doubt that the final two episodes of the year are on a collision course with that enigmatic door, as so many parties are searching for it: the Man in Black (Ed Harris), Dolores the Deathbringer (Evan Rachel Wood) and Akecheta.

The question up for debate, however, is this: What lies beyond the Door? What does it represent? When Akecheta speaks about the door leading to "a new world," which world does he mean? The fact that he believes he can reclaim everything he and his people have lost, including Kohana (Julia Jones), opens up the astonishing possibility that Westworld might take a turn for The Matrix in the episodes ahead, as we have already seen the introduction of a digital world of sorts, thanks to Ford's time spent inside the Cradle. Does Akecheta plan on leading his fellow woke hosts to a happily ever after in a similar simulation? Does he have his eye on the literal world beyond the park, which we know he has visited (thanks to the second episode of the season)?

Akecheta's exact plan is unknown, and it's up for debate in our latest episode of "Welcome to Westworld," the weekly recap and theory podcast collaboration between Post Show Recaps and The Hollywood Reporter. This week, hosts Josh Wigler (THR's Westworld beat reporter) and Jo Garfein (co-founder of the non-profit Cancer Gets LOST) discuss Akecheta's goals moving forward, as well as several other topics, including:

• Why "Kiksuya" instantly ranks as one of the single greatest episodes of the series, if not the best;

• How "Kiksuya" is the exact opposite of one of the most maligned episodes in Lost history;

• The ramifications of Maeve's (Thandie Newton) reveal at the end of the episode;

• What Akecheta's arc tells us about how to feel toward Dolores;

• A debate about what's really driving Akecheta forward on the road toward consciousness;

• And more!

Take our hearts when you push play on the podcast player below.

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