'Westworld' Season 3 Podcast: How the Premiere Creates a Brave New World

Westworld S03_Jeffrey Wright - Publicity - H 2020
John P. Johnson/HBO

Welcome back to Series RegularThe Hollywood Reporter's weekly podcast dedicated to diving deep into hit TV shows. 

Every episode of Series Regular comes courtesy of Josh Wigler (that's me!) and takes a closer look at the genre television space — and right now, it's all about one space in particular: Westworld, the HBO drama from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, currently in its third season. Every week, Wigler recaps the latest hour of the genre-bending (not to mention mind-bending) drama, speaks with a rotating special co-host (not in the robot sense) and answers feedback from listeners. 

Up first: "Parce Domine," the season three premiere, directed by Nolan and co-written by Nolan and Joy. The season three premiere barrels forward with the series' most ambitious task yet: establishing an entirely different world for both the hosts and the viewers alike. The catch — it's our world. For the first time, Westworld has moved outside of the park in a nearly full-time capacity, as the greater world (albeit set in 2058) becomes the series' new setting. In the process, we see our hosts in some new environments.

• Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) continues her warpath against humanity, now targeting a new company called Incite, the subject of HBO's marketing campaign leading into the new season. What she wants with this data-mining organization remains unclear, but it gets her in dire enough straits that she ends the episode bleeding out in Aaron Paul's new character Caleb Nichols' hands.

• Elsewhere, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is on the run, publicly blamed for the massacre at the park. Conducting self-analysis tests due to his internal trust issues, Bernard ultimately sets out for familiar territory: Westworld. Through his eyes, the viewers will once again see the titular theme park — but in what capacity? 

• Finally, there's Maeve (Thandie Newton), only briefly glimpsed in the season premiere. She appears in the final scene of the episode, after the credits, in the midst of what appears to be a park modeled after World War II. Fans waiting to see what the future holds for Maeve won't have to wait much longer than one week.

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